Designers…before any CAD

To fully understand what CAD is you should know that it is the acronym for computer-aided design or computer-aided drafting.

CAD Inventions / CAD Design Companies

CAD design companies are the ones who physically do the invention design work with computer software.

CAD is the most important aspect of having an invention or prototype designed, and is something any investor should familiarize themselves with if submitting a patent to the USPTO.

CAD software is a very versatile program which allows several aspects of design to be done. CAD files can be used to create patent drawings, blueprints, 3D models, renderings, CNC metal designs, ABS, rapid prototypes, ABS products, injection molds, and almost any material used today in manufacturing.

CAD is used to develop anything imaginable as well as 3D animations, and the projected engineering effects applied to specified materials. Invention design companies can fully evaluate every aspect of an Inventors design before it’s mass-produced.

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